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Given what happened at his mother's jubilee Crown Prince Vitali expected he'd wake up with a hangover -- but he never expected he'd wake up dead.

Murdered by an unknown partygoer and resurrected five years later, he returns to a mile-long list of neglected duties: first and foremost, finding a partner, as only married couples can take the throne and his parents are ready to abdicate. Not an easy ask for the average person, let alone a bejewelled skeleton. Then there's that killer on the loose. What's an undead royal to do?

Find love, find your killer... or die again trying.


  • 1-6 hours of suitor-kissing, mystery-solving choice based gameplay
  • 3 suitors of varying genders to kiss -- woo antisocial soldier Princess Leandra, hard-partying Duke Amoret, or quick-witted artist Ravi
  • 3 mysterious murder scenarios to solve -- was Vitali killed by poisoning, drugging, or a brawl?  
  • 10 distinct endings, dependent on how your romance and your investigation proceed

  • Content Warning: alcohol and drug use, violence, implied skeleton sex. Recommended for ages 16+


Writer --  kitsubasa

Character Artist -- @roxypolk

UI Artist -- @TempVar_User

Programmer -- charliethegoldfish

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